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List of namespaces to be used on the gsiwiki.

Please try and stick to these namespaces when adding new content.

How to use a namespace

  1. Pick out a namespace from the List of common namespaces below which describes the type of your article.
  2. Write your article with the Title "Namespace:Title" (example: "Howto:Configure a virtual host on apache2").


  • Do not repeat the namespace in the title (bad example: "Howto:Howto configure a virtual host on apache2").
  • If your article does not match for a namespace already existing, you can write it without namespace. This will prevent the wiki of having too many namespaces (a new namespace for each article would be too much :P)
  • If you think your article is of a type that will be used often put it into a namespace you think is meaningfull and add the choosen namespace to the List of common namespaces.

Special namespaces

  • User: (the user namespace i.e. ice21: or eitch:). All articles under your User: namespace have an individual character. (example: "ice21:MyDefinitionOfSomething").

List of common namespaces

  • Documentation:
  • Howto:
  • List:
  • Scrapbook:
  • Template:
  • Projects: